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Can the cport do 10 inputs at once ?

The DSP24 card is a 10 in 10 out card.... however the "10th" in and out is the digital SPDIF in and out... you can't use both the ext. and int. ins at the same time.. It is a 8 analog in and 2 digital in at one time..For those that don't know what the int. ins are on this card, they are a 1/8 inch jacks on the DSP24 card that allows you to hear windows sounds through a separate part of the card that can play any sample rate without interrupting the high quality recording side of the card. The internal ins are based on a AC97 codec.

If you want 10 analog ins you can buy a stand alone analog to digital box and use that. Many products on the market do this.. HOONTECH make a product called the DI2000.

The INT converters are 18 BIT  and locked at 48K with a SRC to make other sample rates possible, so u might record 10 in and 10 out below 48K and in 16 bit but try doing it in 24 bit 96k.... You will get sync errors as well as the drivers aren't in sync. You will get clicks and pops in one of the resulting files.

Also the 2 parts of the card were deliberately made separate to eliminate CDROM noise. The two parts of the card are not in SYNC so the two clocks can drift in and out as they please. You won't notice listening to one but put the 2 together and you will. But hey if it sounds good to you then go for it.

Internal converters are ALWAYS noisy due to the electrical noise inside a computer. Get some good microphones and good Monitors and you will hear the difference.


Audio DSP24 MK2

Many people are asking if they buy the mk2 card and use it with the ADCDAC2000 box if they get 10 in and 10 outs.. The answer is NO. The balanced connecters that are on the card use the same resources/bandwidth that input 1/2 uses so you either use the ones on the card or the 1/2 on the box you cant use both. The Audiodsp24 mk2 card was made so people could get quality 2 ins and outs and leave an upgrade path to 8 ins and 8 outs.