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J4 26 meter Submarine WW2 Jap Sub



J4 26m sub is outside the heads of port phillip bay melbourne Australia.


28m with areas off the deeper end of the sub reaching 30m if you head over to some reef.


Around the sub at the ends is rock covered in sparse kelp and some soft corals, nothing worth wasting time away from the sub on.


Good dive as its the only sub in melbourne that AOW divers can visit. The sub has surge a lot of the time which keeps the silt from building up and is one of the safer subs to penetrate if your rated to do so. The surge can make it very dangerous inside as theres lots to get impaled on, so if your not properly trained dont go anywhere near an opening.


Pic of the end of the sub nearest to the broken section.

This picture shows the torpedo tubes in the section that has broken away from the main part of the sub. This is found in the deeper end of the sub.

The broken section allows for entry into the sub as this pic shows looking back up the sub towards the hatch at the other end in the roof.

The bottom of the sub on the inside.

This picture shows how large the inside of the sub is as its been gutted, theres room for 4 to 5 divers to swim side by side for most of the length and light can be seen from two hatches and the broken section. A set of divers fins can be seen in this pic to show the size of the inside.

Thats me near the forward hatch.

The tight area up the front of the sub is very dangerous due to surge and the very small doors which funnel the water.

The second door in the living quarters of the sub.

The inside of the living quarters is only around 1.5m high, not enough room for the crew to stand up in.