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Mt Martha Reef - Birdrock Ave


Mt Martha at the end of Birdrock Ave. 60 meters off shore where some rocks stick out of the water.


4 to 7 meters


Its a beach entry from sand after a 200 meter walk down steps from the car park.


Mostly rock, kelp and weed with some sand. Is a great dive because of the bommies and small walls which are fun to explore. Some good soft coral/sponges with a few hard coral around the place.


Leather jackets and a few small fish. Not much fish life. Star Fish, sea urchins, crabs, sea cumbers.


A real pain walking back up 200+ steps up the cliff, luckily theres a seat to sit on half way up :) A very enjoyable dive without much fish life.


Free parking in a very tight space for only 3 to 4 cars. No lights nearby to gear up with at night and if theres no moon you would want a shore marking light.

This hard coral is a rare sight in port phillip bay but is fairly common at mount marthas birdrock avenue. Just look for the rocks 60 meters off shore and swim around them to find the wall and bommies. Birdrock beach can be found in the Melways maps and makes a good day or night dive.

Hard coral at birdrock ave, mount martha reef.


leather jacket at bidrock avenue.


The color in this ledge was amazing for so close to the city and only 4 meters deep, people pay a lot of money to head out in a boat to see soft coral like this and its hard to find places were its possible to see it from the shore. Blues, yellows, oranges, whites and pinks all next to each other. If you like this sort of soft coral then the reef near mt martha is worth a dive on.

The soft coral you will see at mt martha's birdrock beach.


The only edible fish of legal size was a single sweep.