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Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Pier


Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Pier Map by Brendan Edwards


4 to 7 meters


Theres also a landing to jump off half way out and has two ladders to get out via at the end of your dive.


Sand under the pier but the growth is excellent not only over the pilions but also a steel sheet cladding on the side of the pier that serves to protect the yachts in the marina against waves and current. Great dive thats very different to the average pier as it ends up almost being a wall dive instead of looking at the bottom.


Lots of stuff to look at with seahorses and nudis very common. The high current means good life as the current brings in food. One side of the pier is also a marine reserve and is a NO TAKE ZONE.


Best dived at slack water as current moves fairly fast here perpendicular (across) to the pier and allows for more areas to be dived if the current is stopped. However even when the currents running you can still have a very good dive if your careful and use the iron cladding on the side of the pier to sheild you from the current. One side of the pier has been blocked off with a thin wall running from the surface to half way to the bottom, the wall/cladding is covered in sponge life making it interesting to swim along this part up off the bottom in 2 m of water out of the current.


Free parking all the time just outside the gates to the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, around 100 meters from the start of the pier. Some light to gear up by at night time.


The fish sheild them selves from the current behind the steel wall thats on one side of the pier. Lots of seahorses and smaller fish are found in these areas.

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Pier, fish.

A common type of nudi-branch.

A common type of nudi-branch

A photo of a star gazer hidden under the sand. No flash was used at night time, only my dive torch which you can see the difference in color compared to someone elses light near the tail of the star gazer.



Picture of Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Pier.