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Boar Fish Reef


Boar fish reef is at the inner end of the lonsdale wall at the edge of the sponge gardens.


15 to 24 meters


Kelp on the top in the shallows, with lots of reef and sponges in the deeper areas. The area has lots of bommies scattered around and you can swim from one bommy to the next with good life and overhangs at each bommy. Swimming S.E gives more depth.


Lots of blue devils, old wives and of course a few boar fish.


A great dive which has lots of fish life and a blue devil in every ledge that is very friendly. Makes a great day or night dive.


One of the many blue devils that will pose for your camera at boar fish reef.

Blue devil at boar fish reef.

A cat shark at boarfish reef, port phillip bay.

Cat shark


These three fish were very friendly and came right up as if expecting a meal, no food was given to them. I've since been told that all three fish, the blue devil, senator wrasse (green and red stripes) and the scaly fin are territorial and commonly do this.

3 fish with diver.

Some soft corals of port phillip bay.

Two old wives at the top of a bommie.

More soft corals and sponges..