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Davies Bay Road Reef, Mt Eliza.


Davies Bay Road Reef, Mt Eliza.


4 to 7 meters


Down some steps and a beach entry from a mostly sandy beach.


Mostly flat reef with a few small rocks with good growth, sponges and hard corals in the area near the rocks on the left hand side of the bay. Its around 7m deep here and is great on the swim to the reef marker. Around the reef marker its 1m deep and falls away to 6m and forms a reef out of many piles of rocks. Two very different areas to dive at the one site.


Lots of life for the north/mid part of the bay. Plenty to see.


Its a site close to the city, only around 2 minutes drive past frankston and is not effected by current so its a site you can dive when other sites near the heads are undiveable or your pressed for time. Great site which is very different to the piers. If diving it at night time theres no shore lights so take some sort of beacon to guide you back into the small bay if heading out off shore. Melways Map 101 F8. At the end of the Davies Bay Road is a small car park with stairs leading down to the beach. To the left is a rock sticking out of the water, around here is very nice reef with good life in around 6m of water. Once your bored with this area head over to the reef marker which is further out and the depth ranges from 1m to 6m with lots of very different bottom and life to the area closer to the shore.


Free parking all the time.


Hard coral is plentiful and lots of sponges which vary a lot in colour.

Snapper look really nice at night under torch light, you'll notice the speckles on the top half sparkle like mother of pearl as you move around the snapper.

Goat Fish