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Fish Rock Cave at South West Rocks

After finally buying my own camera, I got these shots over a few days at South West Rocks. At this location its amazing how quickly the viz can go from bad to good as the dive site gets blue clear water from one direction and another brings green low viz. One day within an hour interval on the boat it went from 5m viz to over 20m viz for the second dive.

Shallow Entrance, inside cave looking out.

Shallow Entrance of Cave at South West Rocks.

Shallow Entrance again, a great place for photos.

Shallow Entrance of Fish Rock Cave at South West Rocks.

Shallow Entrance is the blue area at the bottom and at the top is a diver in the bubble cave.

Fish Rock Cave.

A diver in the Bubble Cave which is 5-6m underwater, computers go into safety stop here mid dive.

Bubble Cave at Fish Rock.

Gray Nurse Shark just outside the Fish Rock Cave.

Lion Fish at Shallow Entrance to the cave.

Fish, Reef and lots of urchins.

South West Rocks Reef.

Loggerhead turtle being hand fed.

turtle feeding

Waiting for a free feed.

Loggerhead turtle.

Shark in mid-water at South West Rocks.

gray nurse shark at South West Rocks.

Gray Nurse Shark at deep entrance to Fish Rock Cave.

Gray Nurse Shark

Shallow Entrance yet again.

Fish Rock Cave Entrance.

Fish around some reef at the site called the aquarium.

More fish on Fish Rock Wall.

Just inside the deep entrance to Fish Rock Cave. This is the narrowest part of the cave.

deep entrance to cave.

No its not really called a 'Nemo' fish.

Nemo Fish

Turtle Feeding off the sponges inside the cave.

turtle eating normal food.