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Flinders Pier


Flinders Pier


4 to 6 meters


A giant stride from the first boat landing on the pier or a beach entry and exit can be made. Good ladders drop down under the water level from the pier in a few places to assist your exit.


All around is sea grass as shown in the picture below. The growth is different from Port Phillip Bay which makes for a change.


Squid, old wife, octopus, hermit crabs, leather jackets, cow fish, plus more. Lots of weedy sea dragons are found here.


Lots of grass to either side of the pier which covers the entire bay, directly under the pier the bottom is mostly sand with not many rocks. However there's a large engine block, dredge bucket and lots of junk to look at all under the pier. 50 meters past the end of the pier and a few meters ever so slightly to the right is a broken up wreck which is worth a look however it is broken up and only rises 1m above the sand.


Plenty of ticket parking which is around 60m from the start of the pier, you then have a 50 meter walk to the entry point in the pier.


Small Leather Jackets bite the pier pilons to prevent the current from sweeping them away.


More growth on the pier..


Growth on the inside of the dredge bucket roof.

Scuba picture of Dredge bucket roof growth at Flinders Pier.

Old wife amongst the weed that covers most of the bay around Flinders Pier.

Weed around the Flinders Pier.


Growth on Flinders Pier.

Growth on Flinders Pier