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HMAS Cerberus - Half Moon Bay, Black Rock.

Since I've lived near the black rock area most of my life I have seen the HMAS Cerberus many times at half moon bay, even climbed over it and jumped off the ship many years ago before it was a restricted area. The entire cerberus and 25 meters around the ship is totally off limits, this includes boats, swimmers and divers from entering the 25 meter exclusion zone. Because of this there are no photos of the ship only of the cerberus' RML guns which are outside the restricted area around the cerberus and diving on them is permitted. Hopefully you find the links and pictures below interesting and learn about the history of the ship which even I (someone not into history at all) enjoyed. Its said that Ned Kelly had the idea of his armour and helmet after seeing the Cerberus ! Overall the area is a great dive and the rml guns are very interesting to dive due to their massive size.

A picture of what the hmas cerberus looked like when first launched.

Interesting Links on the HMAS Cerberus that rests in Half Moon Bay, Black Rock.


The AMG co-ords for the guns from the aft turret are:
0324984 & 5795965,
Zone 55
using WGS 84 datum

Heres a map I made quickly to help ppl find the rml guns but please note the navy does not allow anybody including divers within 50 meters of the cerberus which is why the guns were placed just outside this area. The cerberus is now dangerous and off limits to divers.