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Linley Point Boat Ramp, Mornington


Linley Point Boat Ramp, 2 km south of Mornington pier.


4 to 7 meters


Entry and exit are most easily done from the boat ramp, be careful in places slime makes it slippery.


The start of the reef is mostly flat with lots of kelp but as you near the middle red marker you have lots of car sized rocks and bommies that hide lots of life if you look. You can follow lots of the bommies which are mostly around 5 meters in between the two red markers.


Squid, old wife, octopus, leather jackets, cow fish, pot bellied seahorses plus more.


Swim towards the middle marker directly out from the boat ramp, around here is good bommies with fish life and lots of kelp.


Boat trailer parking here means you will get a fine if you park your car here during the day so drop off your gear and park up the top. At night we park down the bottom for free but its ticket parking during the day.


Heres the boat ramp with the three markers 100 meters from the ramp slightly to the left. Head to the middle marker and you'll find the reef from there. Its shallow near the point but it was an ok dive around the point to the left of the ramp. Its worth doing a few dives here, one at the point and the other around the markers as its far away from melbourne to have good fish life and clean water.

Lots of kelp.

Some friendly moonlighters even come out at night.

Sand crabs are mostly all you see at night as you head out to the markers.