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Mordialloc Pier Dive Photos


Mordialloc Pier at the end of the Mordi Creek.


2 to 6 meters.


You have the choice of a beach entry, a low landing 3/4 the way down, or the place I prefer is a giant stride only 10 meters from the start of the pier as theres some very nice stuff in close to the shore.


Has lots to see under the pier in terms of growth from kelp to sea grass, the mordi pier has it all and some nice sponges. Even has some resident shopping trolleys and assorted junk which makes the dive interesting.


Puffer and Globe fish are the only common fish here. I prefer the growth over the rye pier however the mordialloc pier does not have anywhere near as much fish life as rye and other piers closer to the heads.


Good dive close to the city and one that has a easy entry and exit. Make sure you dont dive it after lots of rain as the mordialloc creek dumps mud into the water and ruins the viz. Needs Notherly winds or no winds for a few days for the site to be worth diving.


Tickets are needed during the day until 8pm with plenty of lighting for gearing up at night.



broken pier pilon at the mordialloc pier.