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Mordialloc Reef


Mordialloc reef, off to the right hand side of the mordi pier.


2 - 4 meters


Enter at the Beach right in front of windows by the bay resterant and swim directly out. Another good way to do this is to dive the mordi pier and then head out to this reef and head back into shore via this reef instead of going the length of the pier twice.


Lots of scattered reef areas in a mostly sandy area. Growth is weed and kelp with two really nice rocks covered in excellent growth. Not that great if you dont find the two rocks out from the beach showers.


Not a lot of fish life as its a long way from the heads. Really only worth doing as some extra dive time on the mordi pier


The reef streches from 50 meter off the end of mordi pier all the way to the beaumaris cliffs with some areas better than others and the best parts of the reef are 200 meters offshore. The area directly 90 degrees off the right hand side of the pier half way along the pier is OK and gives a shallow dive on the way back in from doing the length of the pier. Mostly a boring dive if the two really nice rocks covered in growth are not found, if they are its interesting for 10 minutes. Nothing to rave about, but if you follow the reef along you will hit the parkdale reef which is very very nice for the north end of the bay.


Tickets needed from 8 to 8pm. Plenty of parking except on hot days in summer.

This pic shows the growth on the 2 small bommies/rocks directly out from the beach showers in the first stretch of reef you hit as you swim out. The reef probably gets better the further you swim off shore.


Areas of sandstone under the sand is interesting as you get closer to the pier.

Picture of the second rock.