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Parkdale Reef



Parkdale Reef


4 to 7 meters.


Its a beach entry if you dont have a boat which will save you the long swim from shore. Heaps to see along the way to the reef so the swim is not too bad.


The first 50 meters is shallow and just sand, then you can drop down on scattered reef for the next 150 meters until you come to a very good reef. The reef looks like a wall 2 meters high in some sections with lots of overhangs and life. Good soft coral and some hard coral as well in places.


The life changes on every dive and is hard to predict what you will see but its good life for close to the city. All the larger resident fish have disappeared from this site which is a real shame.


Its a LONG swim, the best part of the dive is very hard to find and as its a long swim and the reef is small so its easy to miss. Its a dive you really need to go with someone who knows where it is. The scattered reef is ok and makes the dive worth it even if you miss the small solid reef and walls with overhangs. Head out at right angles from shore from the yellow marker.


Tickets are needed during the day, however you do get beach showers to rinse your gear quickly on the way back to your car. Parking is 20 meters from the water at the end of Bay St.


The tips of this aneame glow purple in your torch light. Its very surprising how many hard corals in this area will glow bright green, blue and yellow under a torch beam, makes this well worth diving at night if you like long swims.

One of the green hard coral formations thats common at this site.

Hard Coral


A nice horse shoe leather jacket in an overhang.

This is a very young short boarfish. Parazanclistius hutchinsi.

short boarfish - Parazanclistius hutchinsi

Multiple shelfs and ledges making up a wall covered in sponges and hard coral.

A different type of leather jacket.

Blue spotted goat fish which change colors at night time and for different moods apparently.

Blue spotted goat fish


Baby snapper. They have really nice colors and sparkle under torch light.


This is a huge sponge thats 5 feet round and in tact. Heaps of yellow and orange sponges are very common on the reef.