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Pines Cave 5L61 Mt. Gambier

This cave is called The Pines Cave as it's located in the middle of a pine forest and at one stage had a single pine tree growing inside the cave. The pine tree was cut down and the remains of the stump can be found by divers in the main cavern zone after having fallen into the water and down the slope. The cave has a small surface lake which quickly opens up to a large sloping chamber with tunnels heading off in most directions, some having over 200 meters penetration from the surface and up to 43m deep.


The photo below shows the 'surprise tunnel' where it splits into two, one way to the ccr room and the other to the deep bunyip room.

The bunyip tunnel

The bunyip tunnel in pines cave

The Bunyip room

Bunyip room in Pines cave


ines mt Gambier


, ccr room


ave located in Mount Gambier South Australia.


Looking back to the surface from the bottom of Pines cave in Mt Gambier.


Reeling back in from a tunnel in Pines.