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Pope's Eye Fort


Popes Eye fort, in Port Phillip Bay Melbourne Australia.


2 to 12 meters


You need a boat as its a long swim from shore :)


Slopeing bottom made up of rocks and lots of growth from sea grass, weed, soft coral and even fans and sponges.


Its a marine park so theres lots of life to see. Would have to have the largest collection of cow fish I have seen. Lots of parrot fish, wrasse, leather jackets, cod, perch, old wifes and the occasional nudibranch.


Strong current when the tides running, so this limits the diveable area to 30% if you dont time the dive right.



Cow fish with blues, yellows and even oranges are everywhere.

Cow Fish at popes eye fort - Port Phillip Bay.


Sea Fans of yellow and red are in small ledges, protected from clumsy divers.

Gorgonian Fans at pope eye fort melbourne.

Soft corals amd sponges are found everywhere at the popes eye..

Soft coral.


Cow Fish and wrasse.