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Portsea Pier Melbourne, Dive photos.


Portsea Pier


4 to 5 meters


Best from Shore as theres a reef in the shallows on the left hand side to look at on the swim out. Theres also a landing to jump off half way out.


Weed, grass and kelp with scattered rocks.


Squid, old wife, octopus, hermit crabs, leather jackets, cow fish, weedy sea dragons and pot bellied seahorses plus more.


Best dived at slack water as the currents near the heads make it difficult to spend time looking around and taking pics when you have to constantly navigate the pilons. The reefs off to the side of the pier are good for when the current is moving. No shops are open after dark here.


Free parking after 6pm (?) at Portsea Pier around 50 meters from the pier with good street lights over your car. During the day and summer the car parks are hard to get with most being 1-2 hour limited.

The camera went dead halfway through the dive so I didn't get many pics.

Lots of these red octopus are around in the shallow water. In 2-3 meters deep in the open on the sand these red octopus stand out and are easy to find. Found around 10 over an hour. If annoyed they burrow into the sand completely.


These fish were attacking us and our lights, I only got half the fish as one was charging me and the light at the time. You can see the size of them compared to the flippers. We had around 30 of them charging us at high speed.

trevelly at portsea pier melbourne.

Anyone for tennis ?

Puffer fish blown up.

anemame at portsea pier night dive 2005.

hermit crab.


The very unique Weedy sea dragon is quite common around the portsea pier.

Weedy sea dragon


Weedy sea dragon


Weedy-sea-dragon at Portsea pier.

Weedy sea dragon at portsea pier.


Female Cow Fish

Female Cow Fish at portsea pier melbourne.


Cow Fish

Sea Slug

Sea Slug.


My first star gazer which was huge, michael my buddy spotted it and it must have been 60cm long.

star gazer

Squid that are very tame, this one allowed me to touch it which resulted in ink everywhere. Kind of ruined the viz :)


Brittle Starfish, half octopus and starfish, very funny to watch walking around.

Brittle Starfish

Southern Knight Seahorse, big pot bellied.