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Quiet Corner Scuba Photos


Quiet Corner MAP


3 to 5 meters depending on distance from shore.


Shore entry then wade out for 40 meters to waist deep water then snorkle out for another 30 to when the water is 3 meters deep.


Weed, grass and kelp with lots of rocks. Small areas of sand scattered around.


Old wife, crabs, leather jackets, Gar Fish, Small Flat head, Butterfish. Almost garenteed place to see jellyfish as they seem to breed in this area.


No shops nearby. It is a nice reef with lots of overhangs. Hopefully this site will improve now it is a Marine Park. Best dived at high tide for extra depth, however anytime is fine as theres no current here.


The nearest car parks at quiet corner are 60 meters + from the water down side streets. No parking nearby during daylight hours on a hot day.


Harmless jelly-fish are extremely common at quiet corner during the summer months as they seem to hang around here to breed.

Lots of Jelly fish at quiet corner.

Lots of crabs as usual to clean up the reef.

A crab hiding amougst weed at quiet corner.

Yellow brown sponges and soft corals of all colors at quiet corner.

Sponges and soft coral are common at quiet corner reef.

Shrimp come out at night to say hi. Lots of urchins eating the overhangs clean of the soft coral.

over-hang at quiet corner with shrimp.

Kelp and weedy is what 90% of the bottom is made up of at quiet corner.

Quiet corners bottom, kelp and weed over unbroken reef.

Leather Jackets are about the only edible fish left and not many are at the legal size which shows how bad this area has been over fished. Quiet Corner has seen better days for fish life but the reef is very healthy and theres heaps of urchins in the overhangs.

Leather Jacket at quiet corner.