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Sorrento Pier, Ferry Landing Shore Dive



Sorrento Pier, Ferry Landing.


3 to 5 meters


A very nice entry point where the ferry places its ramp, you have 4 meters of water to giant stride into. Exit can be made on the rocks or from the ladders on the pier.


Weed, grass and kelp with large bolders.


Squid, old wife, octopus, hermit crabs, leather jackets, Damsel fish and more.


Best dived at slack water as the currents are EXTREMELY STRONG. If you enjoy a drift dive you can jump in half an hour before slack and then dive for an hour and have the current bring you back again. No shops are open after dark here. If your bored with the usual piers this one is very different and worth a dive day or night.


Not sure during the day, however at night theres lots of free parking directly under street lights. Only a 60 meter walk to the ferry landing, or 20 meters to the shallow beach entry.


Not sure about this site yet, but it seems to be around half an hour to a full hour before slack at the heads. After a few more dives I'll update this info.


Heres a picture of a Maori Octopus that was very tame and did not mind feeding in front of 3 divers with bright torches. These octopus have a fishing net built in between the tenticles which it can spread out its 8 arms and jump on top of fish to trap them under neath the 'net'. Very cool to watch as the color and shape of the octopus changes as it hunts.

Maori Octopus

Sponge growth due to high water movement past the sorrento pier and ferry landing areas.

sponge growth on serrento pier.




I think this is a damsel fish which are very common at the Sorrento pier on the mornington penisula. Kelp and many different types of weed are a great change from the rest of the piers in the bay. Sorrento Pier can be noisy when the ferry arrives and departs so its best to time the dive between these times.

Damsel Fish at sorento pier ferry landing.

Red octopus just off the Soento Pier in Melbourne Australia.

Red octopus seen on a scuba dive from the pier at sorrento melbourne.