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Table Rock Reef


Table Rock Reef, Ricketts Point. MAP


4 to 6 meters


Its an entry from rocks which are very flat and even. Gear up at the car and put fins on in waste high water only 1 meter in from the rocks.


Mostly rocky reef with lots of kelp and weed. Plenty of hard coral which is hard to believe since it is only 30 meters from shore and at the north end of the bay. It has been made a Marine Park for a reason as it is a very nice reef which needed to be protected, so its a NO TAKE SITE.


Leather jackets, garfish, snapper, whiting, eels, usual fish. Lots of shrimp and sea cucumbers.


Great dive and will also suit snorkling as its very nice in the shallows along the cliffs back to mentone. Heaps of hard coral ranging in color makes this site a good change from the normal pier dives. Its a marine park so no taking anything from the water or leaving anything behind. The reef is damaged and has seen better days but is a very good dive if you pick the right day.


No parking nearby so you must park in Rennison st and walk across beach road right on the bend so watch out for cars. 80 meter walk from the car to the water so its not that far.



Two huge round formations of hard coral.

Hard Coral at table rock reef.

Green hard coral.

table rock reef at ricketts point.



Heres some light blue hard coral. There is heaps of this around in colors from yellow, orange, green, blue and white.