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Download free midi keyboard software for routing and patching your midi streams.


I made this program to help those who have just bought a new midi controller keyboard and cant hear sound when they plug the keyboard in at home. This program will allow you to send the midi from your keyboard to a soundcards sound synth or the MS software synth to allow you to play the keyboard and hear sound from your pc speakers. It is handy for people with lots of midi inputs and outputs that they wish to patch gear together without the need to start other midi or audio programs which take ages to load. Creates a free software virtual midi patchbay.



To use the program is very simple just open the zip and run the single stand alone .exe file which is very small and fast. You will see two drop down boxes which you select the midi input and output drivers that you want to connect and then all you need to do to hear sound from your midi controller keyboard is to press the connect button. Enjoy this program and please visit my midi file area to help support the program.