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GoPro Video Lights

These GoPro video lights can be purchased with EO connectors to body mount the battery, or have a canister that is either slim line or a larger canister to provide extra floatation to make the video lighting rig neutral (no weight) in the water. If you want stable shake free video footage whilst you require 1 of your hands to opperate your BCD or dive computer, then having a neutral weighted video light system such as shown below can make a massive difference to keeping the camera still. It also makes sharing the video system with buddies simple as they can film and take video footage with you as the model!

  • A single battery to charge.
  • Ability to change battery packs between dives.
  • Share the camera with your buddy.
  • Can be custom made to suit your gopro video lighting needs or budget.

The setup can be purchased in a number of ways, as a complete dual lighting rig as shown below, or as a light head and canister lid that is matched to fit your existing primary light canister, or with EO connectors. This allows you to start small and save by using your canister, battery and charger without compromising on the light, then as your budget increases you can add extra canisters and the second light head as your needs grow.

Small compact 3000 lumen heads are shown in the dual setup and the photo of a single head setup shows the 5000 or 8000 lumen model. All models are available now.

Watch a YOUTUBE video demo here


Available in 5,000 and 8,000 lumen models.
Gopro quick mount is included and is held on via a standard tripod screw. If you change cameras then it can be removed and the new camera bolted on saving you from spending more money in the future on a new set of lights. The lights grow as you do...
Dual orings, a super low profile and leak proof switch, combined with the locking stainless steel latches makes the canister very reliable.



Example of a dual 3,000 lumen setup.

$280 for Base, dual handles, dual flexible arms and light mounting clips.

$480 for each dive head.

Package pricing available on request for multiple heads or combining with a canister and battery.



Examples of a single headed 5,000 to 8,000 lumen video setup.

$550 per light head only.

$250 for base, two handles, single flexible arm and light mounting clip

Package pricing available on request for multiple heads or combining with a canister and battery.