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OEM LOGIC / Soundtrack Logic

See the updated manual for the dsp24 card on the hoontech web page for how to setup this program.

In the year 2000, 6 out of every 10 hits in the American and British charts were produced using Emagic products.

For setting up inputs and outputs on the mixer please refer to the Full version walk through . To learn some of the basic's of using Logic click HERE.... Also another helpful link to for DEFECT users of other programs is HERE St Audio have now added a setup and basic useage article which can be found HERE

This version of Logic has most/all of the features of Logic Audio AV plus some of the features only found in Logic Gold for example the ability to record 8 inputs at once and also some features that are only found in Platinum eg. 24 bit recording. For a list of features visit www.emagic.de and look at the comparison charts.

To make it simple what this version can do i have written the following......

You can have 16 tracks of audio playback at once. So playing 8 tracks while recording another 8 is possible. To add an extra Audio track simply go to the track menu and select "add audio track". The same goes for adding extra MIDI tracks.

You can record 8 simultanious tracks of 24 bit 96 k audio and midi all at once with this version.

You can have virtually unlimited midi tracks

You can have unlimited virtual audio tracks (no output)


Not many effects come with this version so have a look at my General Audio section on my page for some free plugins to get you started.

The OEM copy of logic is fully working with no time limits at all. The software is awesome for what you pay for it :)