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Latest Drivers for ST-Audio dsp2000 c-port + dsp24 cards under win-xp.

Dsp2000 c-port and dsp24 drivers


  • All drivers on this page are for the dsp2000 c-port, dsp24 value card and dsp24 mk II cards under win-2000 and win-xp.
  • Installation is as easy as doing the following.
    1. unzip the files to a folder.
    2. run the dsp24inf.exe and/or infclear program thats in the zip and unistall the drivers.
    3. reboot
    4. point the driver wizard to the the folder from step 1.
  • The latest released drivers are the 8.4 version
  • The new version of undsp24.exe which is a through uninstall program to help ensure a smooth driver upgrade or removal.

Driver Release History

I've collected the previous versions for those who wish to try older drivers. Only use the latest released driver as it will contain the most features and have less bugs than previous drivers below.

ESI Beta RC6 8.4 Latest and Last driver that was released before development stopped.
ESI Beta RC5 Fifth beta, Fixed BSOD stability problems and other minor bug fixes.
ESI Beta RC4 Forth beta, minor bug fixes. Had some BSOD problems.
ESI Beta RC2 Second beta, minor bug fixes.Had some BSOD problems.
ESI Beta RC1 First beta based around ESI driver technology to fix cubase sx 2 compatability problems.
Beta fix for cubase sx2 ver 7.3.1106 First beta driver to fix the cubase sx2 incompatability, still based on the old previous 7.x driver structure.
Release 2 ver.7.3 .0225 Contains all features that the BETA drivers contain plus more. Added reset button for resetting racks and many bug fixes for mport racks. Also added ability to add more than 4 input boxes for users of multiple cards.
Release 1 ver.7.2.1014 Better support for winDVD and powerDVD software added.
Beta8 First beta release with GSIF and multiclient support.
Beta7 AC3 features added.
Beta6 Second wdm Driver released for winXP. External Links was integrated into the driver to simplify the installation process. This was the main difference between the beta 5 and 6.
Beta5 from Sta Ver. 7.1.1031b5

The driver version number is very easy to read. For example 7.3.0225 on the latest released driver reads as follows... 7.3 is the driver version and the 0225 is the date released, in this case the drivers were released on the 25th of feb 2003.