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What to check when your card has no signal


This will happen more on the DSP24 MK2 card since most problems like this r related to the wiring of leads due to changing from a balanced connection to an unbalanced connection.

No or little analog input to an audio card can mean a few things....

  1. You need a preamp/mixer. With the MK2 card a mic cannot be plugged directly into the input of the card due to a level mismatch.
  2. You need to reverse the phase on the XLR plug for some gear if going from unbalanced to balanced PIN 3 is hot.
  3. You need to check how the lead wired if going from a TS/TRS/jack or an RCA connector. PIN 3 is hot.
  4. You may need phantom power for your Mic....check u r using a fully balanced XLR lead.