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St Audio Media 7.1

Click HERE to listen to the midi file on your soundcard.

Click HERE to listen to same midi file on the Media 7.1 card.

St Audio Media 7.1 midi synth examples.

The St Audio MEDIA 7.1 is the world's first true unratelocked 24bit/96kHz PCI full-duplex multi-channel audio/media interface with an onboard GM/GS hardware synthesizer! Designed with a wide range of applications in mind, the MEDIA 7.1 is an excellent solution for musicians, multimedia developers, broadcasters, audiophiles, website designers, DJ's, audio enthusiasts and others.

Whether you want to record audio (vocals, keyboards, guitar, ...) to your computer, or sequence music using the onboard hardware synthesizer, the MEDIA 7.1 has all options covered. There is even a phono pre-amp with RIAA EQ that allows you to connect a turntable directly to your PC! The included software allows you to record/restore and transfer your old vinyl records to CD!

The MEDIA 7.1 package includes an ultra high quality 24bit/96kHz PCI host card based on ST Audio's professional line of DSP24 recording interfaces, a sturdy external interface unit and an assortment of powerful software. A multitude of hardware connection options are provided including a microphone pre-amp with gain gain control and phantom power, switchable phone pre-amp (with RIAA EQ) / line level anaolog inputs, headphone amplifier, 8 multi channel analog outputs, and a 16ch MIDI interface.