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PcMus specialize in upgrading and building complete music computer systems to be used for Audio and Video production. PcMus is also offering a wide range of other audio related services to Australians who prefer to be making music with a Pc, without all the hassles that are generally associated with owning a PC. To learn more about each specific service click on the headings below.


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Budget White Quiet music pc Case Basic case used in the Budget PcMus range of DAW's.. Case may differ depending on stock availability. Case available in Black also. Basic Sound reducing techniques used and all quality parts inside to result in a very stable and quiet pc DAW for music which is very affordably priced.
These are the standard Deluxe Black cases for the Ultra Quiet range of music pcs. High quality near silent power supplies and many other sound reducing techniques are used to reduce noise to a whisper. Cases feature solid black molded front panels so scratches are no problems unlike other cheap black cases which show scratches due to the case being a white one sprayed black with paint. Case available in gloss piano black finish, showed on top with the cd-rom door open and a matt black pictured below.

Black 4up rack mountable computer cases are available for the professional touring range of Pc Mus DAW's. All rack cases have PCI card retaining bars to hold pci cards in place when the computer is moved. Cards becoming unseated in transit with these cases are a thing of the past to ensure the pc is very reliable after being moved. If you move the computer around a lot then these cases are a must for this reason. Different rack cases are available in different heights and looks. eg 1,2,3 and 4 up rack cases are available. Sound treatment is also once again applied.

PcMus customer comments

"I would happily recommend PcMus.com to anyone wishing to buy or upgrade a pc-based digital audio workstation. Thanks to their excellent advice, professional service and outstanding customer support, we've managed to create a highly polished, professional quality EP in what was an enjoyable, hassle free recording process."

- Brett Austin (Engineer for "Mighty tight find" VIC)

"I took delivery of my PcMus built computer about six months ago after a recording engineer friend recommended them. First off I was very impressed with the level of finish these guys had achieved - The PC was so solid, all the seams on the box were sealed - soundproofing was in evidence everywhere - the whole deal was very solidly constructed - in fact after taking delivery, when I was first setting up my system, to my horror I accidentally knocked the whole thing off the table and onto the concrete tiled floor one meter down hitting the Gyprock wall on the way - But to my amazement, apart from a slightly bent power supply input and a little scratching on the case - the PC survived none the worse for the trip - which is more than can be said for the wall.

The Machine has been recording beautifully for the last six months without any problems, is very quiet, reliable, and Mathews team have been a great help with instant after sales tech help on several occasions.
Yes, I could have saved some money and built my own PC, but after seeing what these guys can do - no way! I will absolutely buy my next machine from PcMus and would soundly recommend anyone who is serious about their recording to do the same."

Steve Maher
Director of Smile New Media - Sydney


"Thanks to PcMus I'm now finally recording with out clicks and pops ! The noise level or lack of is also a huge bonus as PcMus performed an upgrade on my last attempt of building my own pc and since then I cant stand the computer I use at work."

- Ethan Nadman (N.T)

"I have been building custom DAW pc's for many years and I got pcmus to build my personal machine because of the sound treatment and also they were cheaper then buying the parts and building it myself."

Greg (Brisbane)